Hire Stock and Fast Action Ensures Minimal Downtime

During routine high voltage maintenance at a surface mine in western NSW, conducted by Ampcontrol’s High Voltage Service team, a transformer failed testing and required inspection and overhaul. To ensure the mine experienced minimal downtime, the on-site team placed a call to our Tomago base to see if a suitable hire replacement was available.

The hire team received the call at 3:30pm and a suitable hire transformer arrived at the mine site at 8am the following day. Prior to leaving for site the following was undertaken:

  • An oil sample was taken from the transformer and delivered to Ampcontrol member company Verico to conduct fast turnaround oil testing
  • A sketch of the transformer was sent to the customer and a number of small alterations were undertaken
  • Delivery trucks and cranes were ordered

The replacement hire transformer was loaded to the truck at 6:30pm that same day for transport and an overnight stay in Mudgee. The following day a new gland plate was made in Ampcontrol’s fabrication workshop and driven to site by an Ampcontrol High Voltage Service team member.

Onsite, the existing failed transformer was uninstalled and loaded on the truck; while the hire transformer was installed, tested and commissioned. The failed transformer was delivered to Ampcontrol’s transformer workshop in Tomago NSW for inspection and overhaul.

Operating within an extended 16 hour shift so as to minimise customer downtime, the on-site HV service team conducted significant planning to ensure site alterations were kept to a minimum. Undertaking this planning ensured the failed transformer could be easily re-installed following the conclusion of repair works.

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