Gas Detection in Testing Environments

A national animal health research facility engaged Austech to assist them to investigate and test the concentration levels of CO2 in a livestock testing environment.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is registered in Australia for destruction of commercial poultry during an emergency disease incident, such as the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza.

A testing environment complete with CO2 sensors and logging panel was constructed in an empty shed, without chickens, with additional safety measures in place. The objective of Austech’s involvement was to monitor the concentration of CO2 in various sections of the shed when flooded by CO2. The results from the test were used to validate the in-shed destruction of commercial poultry using CO2 during an emergency disease incident.

Equipment supplied:
Austech Instruments provided the equipment and the staff to set-up the equipment on site, run the data loggers during the CO2 flooding tests and download the data after each test. Additionally a written report of the results was provided to the research team.

The system consisted of four high range CO2 sensors and a portable data logger. The sensors were relocated in the poultry shed where a number of tests were undertaken and logged.

The CO2 sensors were specially modified by Austech to be 0-100% volume; in comparison to typical CO2 sensors which might only read to 5% volume.

The sensors performed reliably and accurately despite the rapid changes and subzero temperatures (-20°C) they were subjected to. Austech provided a full analysis and report to the client in regards to the CO2 measured throughout the test, allowing the client to draw conclusions regarding the use of the gas.

Austech’s ability to provide a proven consultancy service was a key factor in being chosen by the client to undertake the trial.