ECM2 has been replaced by the ECM3

The ECM2 Earth Continuity Relay has been discontinued and is no longer available, it has been replaced by the ECM3.

The ECM3 relay is a direct drop-in replacement for the existing ECM2 relay, no additional wiring necessary.

The ECM3 relay will operate with either an existing ECM2 remote termination unit or the new ECM3 termination unit, with identical characteristics. This means termination unit upgrade will not be necessary.

Find out more about ECM2 obsolescence and support.

About the ECM3

The ECM3 is an earth continuity protection relay designed with AS/NZS 2081 (2011) and AS/NZS 4871.1 (2012) in mind. It has superior touch potential monitoring and noise immunity and overcomes the performance degradation experienced by the EMC2 when exposed to significant pilot noise – Find out more about the ECM3.

The ECM3 implements earth continuity protection using a unique Earth Continuity Trip Curve, whereby the magnitude of the fault is related to the speed of trip actuation – Find out more about this innovative approach