Conducting COVID-safe Upgrade Works – India

Following the installation and commissioning of an AUK5000 Power Centre for long standing customer Gainwell Commosales Private Limited (GCPL) earlier this year, Ampcontrol’s India Area Manager Avinash Kumar recently returned to site to undertake some service upgrades.

To ensure compliance with Indian COVID-19 response measures, the service work was undertaken in a large conference room rather than a workshop, ensuring social distancing requirements could be adhered to. Avinash also completed all upgrade work using his own tools allowing him to minimise contact with the on-site team.

Included within this upgrade work was the replacement of an old AWT-20 protection card with the new AWT-31 model and various software and hardware system compatibility checks.

Our dedicated on-site Indian operation provides customers with prompt maintenance and service support for all Ampcontrol products. You can find out more information about our South East Asian capabilities here.

For further information on the installation and commissioning of this AUK5000 Power Centre, you can view our case study.