BurnBrite ISPS Mk2 Certification


23rd May, 2022.

Issue 6 of the certificate of conformity for Burn Brite’s ISPS Mk2 (IECEx ITA 14.0005X Issue 6) was released on 22 April 2022. That revision expanded the entity parameter sets beyond those of Issue 4 (1st Feb 2022) and Issue 5 (2nd March 2022).

Issue 6 is expected to be the final update of entity parameters for this product.

Burn Brite will no longer be manufacturing the ISPS Mk 2 to Issues 0, 1, 2 and 3 of IECEx ITA 14.0005X and so and has requested cancellation of these issues of the certificate. The cancellation of Issues 0 to 3 does not affect the certification status of equipment manufactured prior to October 18, 2021.

Copies of the cancelled certificates can be found at:

Issue 0: https://www.iecex-certs.com/#/deliverables/CERT/20813/view

Issue 1: https://www.iecex-certs.com/#/deliverables/CERT/20833/view

Issue 2: https://www.iecex-certs.com/#/deliverables/CERT/20834/view

Issue 3: https://www.iecex-certs.com/#/deliverables/CERT/20835/view

Users are directed to the commentary on those certificates provided by the issuing ExCB clarifying the status of those certificates and the associated equipment.

Users are also advised to note the release of AS/NZS IEC 60079.25:2022 Intrinsically safe electrical systems in February 2022, replacing AS/NZS IEC 60079.25:2011 that was current at the time the power supply issue was first raised in October 2021.

The new revision includes the relocation of material relating to the assessment of intrinsically safe systems from the (informative) Appendix A of AS/NZS IEC 60079.25:2011 into the (normative) body text of Section 12 of AS/NZS IEC 60079.25:2022.

Enquiries and requests for information that are not related to our voluntary suspension should continue to use our normal electronic product customer service portal CustomerService@ampcontrolgroup.com

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