Burn Brite’s Next Generation LED Range

Burn Brite, Ampcontrol Member Company and specialist designer and manufacturer of industrial and hazardous area lighting, has launched an advanced technology industrial LED range touted to be one of the most robust, energy efficient and long lasting lights in the market.

The Alpha Lite range incorporates portable hand-held work lights, fixed installations and temporary lighting systems in a wide range of operating voltages, sizes and cable configurations to ensure there’s an Alpha Lite to light up almost any job.

Alpha Lites are intensively engineered and showcase Burn Brite’s next generation technology featuring high intensity LEDs as well as an extremely durable construction to maintain reliable performance.

The heavy duty, yet lightweight, non-metallic polycarbonate housing and fully solid-state LED light source  overcomes the effects of dust, water, sunshine, chemical, impact and vibration.

The range is available as IP66 and IP65 units, making them ideal for use in construction and industrial sites, quarries, tunnels and mines.

As well as carrying on Burn Brite’s ‘built to last’ legacy, Alpha Lite’s boast superior energy efficiency, drawing half the energy of traditional fluorescent lamps to produce the equivalent lumen output.

Within the Alpha Lite range, lumen output ranges from 350 to 3700 lumens.

The specialised LED array also maximises effective and efficient light output and minimises heat build-up. The design also ensures Alpha Lites won’t dim along long power cables or during voltage disturbances and won’t adversely affect a system’s power factor.

Alpha Lite range comprises of Alpha Lite Max (240VAC, 24-32VAC and 12-24VDC), Alpha Lite Compact (12-24VDC, 24-32VAC and 240VAC) and Alpha Lite Mini (12VDC and 240VAC) with a variety of cable configuration and lengths available.

Alpha Lites are offered as portable work lights or as custom designed, fully integrated permanent lighting systems. Burn Brite’s engineering team are experienced in designing lighting solutions to specification, taking into account application, environment, energy supply and relevant standards.

The full range of lights is serviceable, repairable and carry a two year warranty on materials and workmanship.

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