Custom Transportable Substation

Electricity is increasingly being viewed as a valuable commodity by Australian heavy industry customers and subsequently, they’re demanding optimal operation of their energy systems. Australian mining sites are particularly susceptible to system problems due to their often remote location and the load characteristics of heavy mining machinery such as shovels and conveyors.

From site to site, the performance demands on power distribution systems can be drastically different. Power distribution systems that are custom designed to meet the specific requirements of the site offer customers greater control over aspects such as equipment characteristics, application and environment.

As part of the expansion work at Fortescue Metals Group’s Christmas Creek minesite, the team custom designed a transportable substation that was responsive to the specific industrial loads of an iron ore mine as well as being able to withstand the arduous weather conditions of the WA climate.

The substation, used to power the process laboratories and offices, has a highly engineered design that integrates an MV Ring Main Unit for the incoming section, an 11kV/433V transformer and an LV feeder.

The unit is totally enclosed to protect all components from the weather and is mounted on a skid base that allows for easy relocation over the rough uneven ground of the mine site.