Automation and System Integration

We are committed to helping customers achieve a more efficient outcome by integrating systems through automation, process control, information technology and software solutions.

Our complete and comprehensive automation and process control solutions for site or machine automation, batching systems and continuous process control cover everything from a single piece of equipment to complete control of your site.

We take an holistic approach which provides you with an efficient and responsive design that drives improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety and business agility. As well as supporting greenfield applications, we understand that many sites are working with existing infrastructure and so we are committed to providing you with the best solution to fit your existing equipment, needs and budget.

From big to small operations in mining, industrial, water, oil and gas, utilities and food processing, we understand your challenges and can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to drive your operation forward.

To support our systems in the field we are committed to after sales service that optimises asset performance. Our service and support agreements are tailored to meet individual site needs and ensure ongoing productivity and system agility.