Design and Manufacture of a 132kV Relocatable Switching Bay

Ampcontrol were recently contacted by a Queensland utility provider seeking a flexible power distribution solution to assist their service teams when responding to outages or conducting routine maintenance. Following consultation with the customer, Ampcontrol were selected to design and engineer a HV switching bay that could be easily relocated to provide HV support when and where required.

In what was a first of its kind project for both Ampcontrol and the customer, the team was tasked with designing and manufacturing a 132kV skid-mounted relocatable switching bay that will be initially deployed within a power station located in Central Queensland.

This relocatable switching bay will be utilised to divert power within the power station, allowing HV technicians to complete necessary maintenance works without interruption to supply.

In addition to the design and manufacture of the switching bay skids, the team was also tasked with developing a comprehensive training package. This included a face-to-face deployment demonstration session and the development of installation manuals whilst also providing ongoing operation and maintenance support.

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