ResTech is an Australian provider of research and development in electrical and electronic engineering to industry. ResTech is an avenue for industrial clients to access contemporary and fundamental knowledge to aid their research and development programs.

Located at the University of Newcastle, ResTech is a Registered Research Agency with the Australian Government. Its work is focussed on bridging the gap between academia and industry by providing commercially viable solutions.

Historically, electrical engineering has been divided into ’heavy current’ (power systems, machines etc) and ‘light current’ areas (electronics, control and signal processing). This has led to a large number of engineers who are experts on one side of this divide but who have limited expertise on the other.

The industry is now experiencing an increased need to introduce intelligent control and communications to power systems problems. There is a need for people whose expertise lies on both sides of the wall... ResTech is one that is working at that interface.

ResTech is supported by Ampcontrol through the provision of the business environment, management, administrative support, working capital, HR and OH&S, commercial and marketing services. The University of Newcastle provides ResTech with access to technical expertise, accommodation, equipment and laboratories.

Visit the ResTech website here.